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"Michael Darigan is a natural born writer, when you read his words, you become a welcome guest in the world he has created."


-David Amram, Composer, Author

“ The way of the Vagabond is to experience humanity once again in all its openness, spontaneity, honesty, generosity, lack of pretension or deceit. Michael’s writing is so darn good that I can’t believe it’s not on some best seller list."

-Paul S. Joy, Bookseller

Stone Soup Books

Camden, ME

LeavingMichael Darigan
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The MoonMichael Darigan
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"To live, to fail, to err, to triumph, to re-create life out of life." James Joyce

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I am a writer, poet and creative thinker. Most of my adult life I have been an observer who records the multitudinous myriad happenings occurring constantly. Bizarre or banal, extravagant or enervating, delectable or devastating. Roman a Clef, autobiographical fiction, impressionistic prose are some phrases that describe nearly thirty years of writing, traveling, recollecting, inspecting. 


My books backpocket e-pistles and Vagabond, in very different styles, explore human to human connection (even though backpocket e-pistles was the first and only book composed of actual email correspondence).


Vagabond is a series of linked short stories and prose vignettes about a wandering writer who wanders far from the beaten path of materialistic conformity. I’ve done numerous speaking engagements and live readings, often accompanied with music at colleges, bars and cafes. My life has been about exploring, venturing far from the familiar, learning from experience and practicing the metaphysical act of creative writing all the while.


I have worked in the hospitality industry for years, on the floor and behind the bar. I have been a Project Manager for a custom Iron Company, handling small bespoke jobs and industrial/commercial projects.


I have been a tour guide in Southern California for international travelers. I sell cordwood.


I am an Elder Care provider. I’m concerned with the current Climate Crisis and have diligently studied the science of this terrifying reality and am working on storytelling to convey to the seemingly-oblivious masses the immensity of this problem and what we can to stop, mitigate and adapt to it.


I was the road manager for a bluegrass band from Naples, Italy, called La Terza Classe. In November of 2019 we toured for 31 days from W. Texas to New York City, traveling 6500 miles through 14 states, playing 27 gigs to excited audiences.


I am booking their November 2023 USA tour right now. I have booked gigs for many bands and done successful promotions through all media.


I managed 51 MAIN, a bar/café and music venue in small town Maine for a summer, hosting numerous 4 course dinners with internationally touring musical acts performing, while handling everyday operations.

I am a musician and a nature lover.


I live half the year off-the-grid on 15 acres in Maine. I’m a student of Zen Philosophy. I study Irish Culture and History, having lived there on and off for years.

My Books


backpocket e-pistles

is available for purchase on this site and at bookstores
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