• Darigan Daily Drop

creek Bed Bottoms

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hands smell of gasoline-

Morning making wood

Cotton sweats beneath Aran wool

Rain barrel over full

Aeolian symphonies

Through lightening branches

Scattering many hued leaves

Over mountain slope,

stones clay soil

The whistle of the kettle

A simmer comes to boil

Coffee gets cold quick

Long rope wick in wine bottle oil lamp

Barred owl fends off the crow

And once again it’s time to go

Time to batten down the hatches

Trundle down the greasy drive

Slither slide through mucky mud holes

In sylvan corridors over granite bones

The kaleidoscope fantasy of chameleon leaves

Some memories are treasures, others for the bin

When one page is full

turn another and begin again

Line breaks and holy socks

breaths punctuate the cooling air

Mushroom extracts, a bushel of apples

A matter of a fact is a matter of where

You place the periscope of your perspective

The eagle Spiraling in his cerulean kingdom

The brook trout traversing his aquatic domain

Of silt and stones and bubbles and sodden leaves

Adorning creek bed bottoms

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2019 copyright, Michael Darigan                    Stone Silo Presss, Liberty, Maine

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