• Darigan Daily Drop

For Nicole 2001

You vanish, a syllable spoken

too soon

the golden scimitar moon

casts a shadow from a distance

that makes no difference

On the silver bridge

that has no beginning

and no end

I send the sound of your name

into floating spheres of


from lanterns

It is caught in ivory petals

grouped like fists

while the river sways in fits

pillars of honey wet light


in the dank water night

and still you disappear

like the staccato burst

of a solitary piano key

I search and call for thee,

as dew ornaments

lilies, hyacinths and daffodils

my voice grows shrill

trilling like a nightingale

down empty avenues

and narrow cobbled lanes

seeking some sound or sight

or scent of you

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2019 copyright, Michael Darigan                    Stone Silo Presss, Liberty, Maine

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