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Late Sunday Morning

Updated: Jan 11

No plans this afternoon,

just another spectacular day.

The leaves are on fire,

the sky is a robin's egg

laying on the grass of the universe.

Various hums and whirrs

from computers and refrigerators.

-a woman on a stool

in the kitchen eats oatmeal

with dried cherries,

pecans and honey from Jelinek's.

The coffee is a little weak,

head still filled with the cotton of dreams.

Back out of whack-

the 900 dollar bed is starting to sag,

we are still paying it off.

There is raking to be done

and vacuuming too.

The dog may have fleas,

but he gets oatmeal

and leftover lamb for breakfast.

Lots of cars parked on the street

for church,

must have been some sinning this week.

A guitar leans against the wall,

un-tuned and untouched.

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