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Moon Beam Bone

Peer into life...

take a ride on a falling leaf

climb the spiral staircase in an icicle

with a porous heart,

soap stone soul,

dancing in the fairy ring

smoking with the troll.

A depth of perception

an exception to the rule

an opening a closing

aperture of feeling

praying without kneeling

an effortless effort

revelation of the evident

dreams dissolving into sediment

An underground spring

rarely seen, always heard

praising paradoxes

worshiping winter’s sun

traveling through maple woods

on a trail of vapor...

Loosen knots

releasing hold

ascend the slippery slope

made of ashes and rust


ask the dust

where passion hath fled?

Olympic mountain epiphanies

disappear on an eagle feather

floating down a river of memory

Siphoning the marrow from a moon beam

glistening on a bone

in a desert of abandoned aspirations

Tracing a finger across the elaborate geography

of her hip and inner thigh

hearing a tremendous, timeless sigh

by the lakeside verdant glade

a trembling, tumbling

cavalcade of wind and water and air

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