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Through all seasons

A cold winter night,

and I read your macramé

by candle light,

listening to L. Cohen’s

Famous Blue Raincoat.

Thick falling snow

quilts a gleaming brain

tree shadows stretch,

skeins of thought

unravel to farmhouse floor

Yearning for days of heat

and light

when skin is warmed,

and zephyr kisses

stipple the pond,

leaning fronds of ferns,

forests of pickerel weeds

with purple blossoms,

clot tender banks,

leaf mulch bottoms,

home to frogs

and snappers

sound of soughing

fir trees

and a July sun oversees

and blesses.


when autumn breathes,

unfurls her menagerie

of tresses,

and crimson fields of berries

once blue,

blaze brightly

in clear, dry air,

the first frost sequins

the ground,

squirrels and varmints abound

hustling to prepare.

And through all seasons,

your glass stained,


in cabin window,

holds the soft inner light.

Through all seasons

your laugh


with wind-swept branches

sweeping up the ridge,

across this orb

frozen or thawed,

into my ears astounded.

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