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Wet wood fire

The hiss of a wet wood fire…

silver rivulet in a mud rut road

milk in her mouth’s desire

black spots on tawny toad

Condensation on window pane

a loon feather stuck in the muck

beech leaves blanket sylvan lane

buck skull fastened to hood of truck

Basil plants wilting in outdoor bath tub

moss spreads on granite ledge

chainsaw teeth ground to a nub

barbs and berries on huckleberry hedge

Evanescent clouds fade from view

verrmillion leaves on blueberry shrub

gilled mushroom blue decorates cord wood

tender fur on belly of cougar cub

Should she or should she not

he sleeps in the granary on the worn army cot

they read John Keats on blue hotel sheets over bourbon and rye

mink oil on new leather boots

the wind’s timeless sigh…

the barred owl hoots

and the fisher wails

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